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Spiderbeam Basics
Construction Guide
Technical Data
Kit & Parts List
Installation Hints
Spiderbeam Yagi Antenna Kits

Building a Spiderbeam from our antenna kit is a fun and educational project. The kit contains all the necessary parts to make a 100% complete antenna, as described in the construction guide. Nothing beats the satisfaction of cracking pile-ups with an antenna you built with your own hands!

Kits for portable and heavy duty antennas:
Download a detailed kit description below, including complete part lists for all our 3-band and 5-band antennas - for both the portable & heavy duty (permanent) versions.

Fully assembled antennas:
In case you do not have the time to assemble your own, let us know. For a small surcharge, we can also deliver  fully assembled antennas, ready to put up immediately. You can select this option on the product page. Remember you are going to miss out the assembly fun, though!

To order your kit or request a price quotation, please visit our Online Shop .

spiderbeam_kit_deutsch.pdf (2 pages, 130kB)
spiderbeam_kit_english.pdf (2 pages, 130kB)
spiderbeam_kit_francais.pdf (2 pages, 130kB)
spiderbeam_kit_espanol.pdf (2 pages, 130kB)
spiderbeam_kit_italiano.pdf (2 pages, 130kB)
spiderbeam_kit_portugues.pdf (2 pages, 130kB)
spiderbeam_kit_po_russki.pdf (2 pages, 130kB)
spiderbeam_kit_arabic.pdf (2 pages, 130kB)
spiderbeam_kit_japanese.pdf (2 pages, 130kB)
spiderbeam_kit_chinese.pdf (2 pages, 130kB)
spiderbeam_kit_indonesian.pdf (2 pages, 130kB)
spiderbeam_kit_finnish.pdf (2 pages, 130kB)
spiderbeam_kit_swedish.pdf (2 pages, 130kB)
spiderbeam_kit_dansk.pdf (2 pages, 130kB)
spiderbeam_kit_czech.pdf (2 pages, 130kB)
spiderbeam_kit_hungarian.pdf (2 pages, 130kB)
spiderbeam_kit_polski.pdf (2 pages, 130kB)
spiderbeam_kit_slovensko.pdf (2 pages, 130kB)
spiderbeam_kit_bulgarian.pdf (2 pages, 130kB)
spiderbeam_kit_romanian.pdf (2 pages, 130kB)
spiderbeam_kit_greek.pdf (2 pages, 130kB)

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