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Su Carro de la Compra est� actualmente vac�o.
Por favor, visite la página web de nuestro distribuidor en exclusiva para los EE.UU. y Canada:
40m Add-On Dipole for HEAVY DUTY Spiderbeam Yagis
40m Add-On Dipole for HEAVY DUTY Spiderbeam Yagis

This version is pre-assembled and ready to install on a HEAVY DUTY Version of a Spiderbeam Yagi. (Balun not included.)

The 40m dipole extends the coverage of most Spiderbeam Yagi Antennas to include the 40m band. It may be added on to most existing Spiderbeam Yagi antennas, or ordered together with a new antenna. The dipole is rotated 90 degrees to the other wire elements.

Both sides of the boom are extended by one additional fiberglass tube, increasing the turning radius from 5 meters (16 ft.) to 6 meters (19.2 ft.).
Each end of the dipole is capacity-loaded using two thin wires tied back to the side spreaders.

- 2 Fiberglass segments (HD Version / 30mm diameter)
- Wireman CQ-532 Copperweld Wire
- Enamel-Insulated Copper Wire 1.5mm dia.
- 2 Special Coil Forms
- Heat-Shrink tubing with hot-melt-glue inside
- Polyethylene Insulators, black, UV-resistant
- M6 Tubular Solder Lugs, galvanized and tinned
- PVDF Monofil Line, 1mm diammeter (UV-resistant)
- Wire-Ties (UV-resistant)
- Plastic spool (20cm Diameter)
- 2 Fiberglas-Tube-segments (for portable YAGI)
- 2 Stainless Steel Hose-Clamps
- Flat Rubber Strip (UV-resistant)

The dipole may be connected to the Spiderbeam’s existing balun and used with the same feedline as the other bands, or used with a separate feedline and balun.
When using only one balun, the forward gain and front-to-back ratio for the higher bands are not affected, but the front-to-side ratio is reduced, especially on 15m.
The (optional) balun is not included with the dipole and must be ordered separately when 2-balun configuration is desired. The balun is available either in kit form or pre-assembled and ready to install.

Feel free to download the SWR curves here.

NOTE: Not compatible with the WARC Spiderbeam Yagis.

Ya está disponible en shop.spiderbeam.com »
301: Puede encontrar este producto en la nueva tienda: https://shop.spiderbeam.com/en/shop/40m-add-on-dipole-for-heavy-duty-spiderbeam-yagis-1639 »

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