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Mástil de fibra de vidrio Spiderbeam 7m Mini
Con sólo 71 cm de longitud de transporte, cabe en cualquier maleta.
Mástil de fibra de vidrio Spiderbeam 7m Mini

Màstil telescópico de fibra de vidrio professional Mini

Longitud totalmente extendido (altura)


Longitud de transporte


Diámetro inferior
50 mm*
Diámetro superior
6mm (0.24")*
Grosor de pared
0,7mm - 1,4mm*
Número de elementos
pole Material
Fibra de vidrio, protegida contra rayos UVA, especialmente reforzado con multicapas
*Due to production variations, the dimensions shown may vary. This does not alter the quality in any way.
 The length of the mast may increase over time as the lacquer surface is ground in.

This pole is easy to carry and ready installed within a minute.
Although it is light and small enough to fit in any large suitcase, it was developed to be rugged and durable!
This ultra-portable Mini pole has a heavy-duty screw-on base cap at the bottom to protect its segments from rocks and mud. 
Nubs on the bottom of the pole help prevent slippage.
Spiderbeam fiberglass poles are extremely strong, with a much greater wall thickness than the typical "fishing rod" types.
It uses a special reinforced winding technique – where several layers of fiberglass are wound in alternating direction (criss-cross wound) – providing greatly increased lateral and linear strength. The Spiderbeam Mini-poles have a much larger overlap between segments than most other fiberglass poles, which assures stronger joints between segments, and results in a much stronger pole.

Spiderbeam fiberglass poles are perfect for supporting all kinds of wire antennas.
The Spiderbeam Mini poles are great for Geocaching, SOTA, IOTA and any other popular application for traveling ham radio operators. The top segment of the Mini pole is hollow, very rigid and got has a usable inner diameter of 4mm allowing a wire to pass through, or for attaching your mini tool for other applications.
Unlike most competitors’ poles where the top segment is a very thin, solid whip, the Spiderbeam Mini pole can be used to its full 7m length.

Recommended accessories:

- The matching Mini Bag for comfortable transportation of the Mini pole.

50,00 EUR incluido IVA.
42,02 EUR export price - outside Europe *

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